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Arquetype CRT_16_03 KDE v11.2 ( pacman-based ) ready to download

Our CRT "Continuous Release Term" is a rolling release with pacman as package manager, with a complete software suite ( internet, multimedia files, office, cloud-storage, development... ).

A rolling release distribution is a continually update and developing software system; this is instead of a standard release development model which uses software versions that must be reinstalled over the previous version. Rolling software, instead, is continually updated, in contrast to standard release software which is upgraded between versions.

Specially thanks to "Fabián Alexis" for his great icon theme "Antu".

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Arquetype 23 KDE ( Libertas )

Later of some weeks of develop we got available to all users the New Stable Branch of "fc23" for Plasma5 desktop. In this release we introduce the Arquetype Welcome Center and the New Logotype of Arquetype Linux. All development team hopes that people enjoy it !!!

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Arquetype 23 Cinnamon ( Libertas )

Robust and stable operative system based on Fedora includes benefits of global engineering.
Explore it, Arquetype works on intuitive interfaces and is made to be easy for all kind of users.

If you want to develop on Linux, Arquetype give you preinstalled tools. We are free open source project and an alternative to other OS, with the most advanced desktop environment for user experience. Feel free to discover all options that Linux desktops offers to you, with speed and stability for your computer operation.

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Run windows software, create virtual machines or install 32 bits linux software directly. We want to make your Linux experience more realizable.
In order to be ready to work with any task from first moment we have equipped Arquetype with all software needed, look at all useful applications provided for making your life easier. Do not waste more time on Linux distribution post installation.

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Be safe of virus and protection software, Arquetype is Linux OS and safe against other operative system virus. The Linux firewall and Linux system gives you all necessary tools for keeping your computer free of any malware.


Edit, save, create or open any office file will not be a problem if you discover Libre office, the open source office suite for Linux. We know that your work is important, and we provide you all office possibilities in your hands.

Cloud & Network support

-Sharing files:
All Samba packages are included in Arquetype, that is why sharing folders in fluently way among computers or access them by your cell phone. For extended explanation about how to configure Samba (sharing files) click  << here >>  to guides section.
-Cloud storage:
To connect to Google Drive, Grive is useful command line app that allows you to get with and sync your data with Google Drive. If a cloud graphic client is preferred, use Cloud Storage Maganer ( kde ) or Mirall owncloud client.
Click << here >> to see Owncloud providers ( free plans included ) and get your personal cloud storage.
-Easy acces to your bookmarks:
Google chrome is our default web browser, just login and access to your bookmarks and Chrome plug-ins.

Multimedia & Design support

Graphic design and vectorial draw programs are ready to use for your designs and creations. Playing and enjoy any multimedia file or screen record, editing videos or converting your media files into desired format.

External devices support

Format USB can change partitions or make any other task with your external devices, tablet or cell phone.